is the original, portable, solar powered pool purifier. We believe the FLOATRON is so good that we offer a 60-day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

We have used our own Floatron, and have sold them since 1996 - so we know how good they are.

Floatron uses the suns natural power to keep your pool clean, clear and and healthy the natural way! Chemicals can be dramatically reduced,which means your water will become softer and more pleasurable to swim in.....no smell, no taste, plus no more red eyes!!
It is so reassuring to know that we dont have to swim in a pool laden with harmful chemicals. We can use a product that keeps the pool looking great - the NATURAL way!

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Why clean your pool when a Zodiac can do it for you? Save yourself a lot of time on maintenance. The Zodiac T3, T5, MX6, AX10, TX35, CX20 and VX55 4WD are all available now.

Plus the brand NEW top of the line VX65iQ with smart phone access via wi-fi. Control your robotic cleaner from anywhere in the world when you have the app installed on your phone.

Not all cleaners are listed for sale online, so please call or email to discuss your pool requirements, and to get the best advise for your pool cleaning equipment.