About Us

Floatron NZ Ltd began in 1996 when our family became totally fed up with our pool continually turning green.

We were making endless trips to the pool shop, and spending hundreds of dollars each time! What had started off as a much wanted family swimming pool, was now our worst nightmare.

After a couple of years battling with the pool, we came across this small circular disc with a solar panel on the top. We were told this would definitely help keep the pool clean, and although VERY sceptical, we were willing to give anything a try at this point.

This was the beginning of pool care as we had imagined it... Our pool stayed crystal clear once we started using the Floatron, and the water was so nice to swim in. Our chemical consumption was minimal, and the pool never went green anymore. We were so impressed that we began to tell our friends with pools about this 'miracle product'. Pretty soon we had sold quite a few, and things just grew from there.

Since having children, my husband Craig and I have become even more passionate about the Floatron. Our middle daughter has severe eczema, and her skin flares up terribly in chlorinated pools. It's so bad, that we don't let her swim in any chlorinated pools at all. BUT...she can swim in our pool (with the Floatron) all day long and never get any reaction. This has been a lifesaver for us, because it means she can join in with the rest of the family. This is a product we believe in whole-heartedly, and we know that people don't have to struggle with pool maintenance anymore.

We have thousands of happy clients and friends who have been using a Floatron themselves for over 15 years. We think its great to be able to sell a product that reduces chemicals, and also makes life easier when it comes to pool maintenance. The fact that it helps people with skin conditions, and also saves people money as well is an added bonus.

Melissa Growden
Floatron NZ Ltd

Floatron NZ Ltd is a NZ owned and operated business, located Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty. We can be contacted using any of the details below:

Floatron NZ Ltd
P O Box 2
Whakatane 3158

Ph Melissa on 027 288 7705