Zodiac Baracuda Suction & Robotic Cleaners

We have a selection of Zodiac cleaners, from the T3 suction cleaner, right up the VX55 4WD Robotic cleaner.
Feel free to call or email us to discuss the best option for your pool.

Zodiac Baracuda T3.
(35cm cleaning surface)
$745. (includes freight NZ wide)

Zodiac Baracuda T5.
(44cm cleaning surface)
$850. (includes freight NZ wide)

Zodiac AX10.
$1225 (includes freight NZ wide)

Zodiac CX20 Robotic Cleaner
$1895 (includes freight NZ wide)

Zodiac VX55 4WD (with kinetic remote).
$3325 (includes freight NZ wide)

The Zodiac Baraucuda T3 & T5 suction cleaners use the exclusive Baracuda diaphragm technology to help keep your pool sparkling clean. Baracuda has developed the diaphragm enclosed in a cassette with increased suction power at the pool surface. Like all Baracuda automatic pool cleaners, this creative technology encompasses uncomplicated design.

The diaphragm is the only moving part which means less parts to breakdown. All Baracudas come with universal fittings required to connect to your existing skimmer box.

We offer 2 of the most popular suction cleaners. The T3 and the T5. Both work in the same way, and are suitable for all pools from vinyl through to fibreglass and concrete.

The T3 has a 35 cm cleaning surface, and 10 meters of hose.
The T5 has a larger 44cm cleaning surface, and 12 metres of hose. This means the T3 will take slightly longer to cover the pool, so is recommended for smaller pools. There is no problem using it in a larger pool, but you may to to keep your pump on longer. Extra hose lengths are available for all cleaners.
For most medium to larger pools, we would recommed the T5.

For those with odd shaped pools, or with steps jutting into them which may cause a suction cleaner to get stuck, we recommend the AX10 traction suction cleaner which uses cyclonic suction for added manoeuvrability. Comes with 12 metres of hose.

The CX20 is our most popular and affordable robotic cleaner. Complete with a 15 metre power cable, its a simple 'plug and play' cleaner with onboard filter. It climbs the walls and cleans the entire pool effortlessly.

For those wanting full robotic and remote cleaning action, we recommend the VX55 4WD. There is no hose withthis cleaner. It operates with a waterproof power cord and an electronic control box. This does it all. Simply place in the pool, set the required cleaning time, and let it do its thing. With the kinetic remote you can 'drive' it to clean a specific area, and with the patented lift system it climbs to the surface and makes the cleaner much easier and lighter to remove from the pool. Simply remove the onboard canister and clean out the debris collected.

You'll wonder how you coped without a Zodiac cleaner! Call now to talk about your options or go straight to the SHOP ONLINE/PRICES page and click on "Add to Cart"