FIELDAY PRICES - limited time

Fielday SALE Prices extended until 23 June 2017

Floatron Discounted by $275

Zodiac Auto and Robotic Cleaners Discounted up to $800

Order will be sent out from 3 July 2017
as we are closed for annual leave from 22 June 2017

F L O A T R O N ....$ 5 9 5
solar powered pool purifier - reduces chemical use up to 90%
RRP $870

S A V E $ 2 7 5
(plus $15 freight NZ wide)
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ZODIAC BARACUDA B3....$ 5 7 5 (includes freight NZ wide)
smaller cleaning surface than T5 (35cm)
10 metres of hose
The same functions and look as the T3 ($710), but end of line clearance
Limited numbers available, so wont last long.

SAVE $135 on the comparable T3

ZODIAC BARACUDA T5....$ 6 9 5 (includes freight NZ wide)
larger cleaning surface than T3 or B3 (44cm)
12 metres of hose
RRP $825
SAVE $130

ZODIAC AX10....$950 (includes freight NZ wide)
includes 12 metres of hose
mechanical suction cleaner with scrubbers
ideal for odd-shaped pools, or those with steps
Our most popular suction cleaner
RRP $1200
SAVE $250

ZODIAC CX20....$ 1 5 7 0
(includes freight NZ wide)
Robotic cleaner with 15 metre cable
cyclonic suction and easy release onboard filter canister

cleans floor and walls and works independently of your filter
Our most affordable and popular robotic cleaner

RRP $1870
SAVE $ 3 0 0

ZODIAC VX55 4WD....$ 2 5 0 0
(includes freight NZ wide)
For the discerning pool owner who wants full robotic and remote capabilities. The VX55 4WD does it all. Simply place in the pool, set the required cleaning time, and let it do its thing. With the kinetic remote you can 'drive' it to clean a specific area, and with the patented lift system it climbs to the surface and makes the cleaner much easier and lighter to remove from the pool.
RRP $3325

SAVE $ 8 0 0

SIMPLE SILVER - Spa Treatment 500g...$ 3 9 5
(includes freight NZ wide)
Total spa treatment using naturally occurring minerals.
Needs no chemicals and lasts approximately 12 months
Ensure good water flow and regular cleaning of filters
500g (up to 1500 litres) $395
1 kg (1500-3000 litres) $595
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